While Jordan is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, it typically conjures up images of vast sprawling deserts, it is, in fact, a remarkably diverse destination offering ancient churches and castles, spectacular mountain scenery, and stunning beaches, as well as some famously friendly local inhabitants.

Itinerary highlights include: the incredible Dead Sea; the 2000-year-old ‘lost city’ of Petra; and the famous Lawrence of Arabia trail, which takes visitors from the ruins of his fort at Azraq to the picturesque deserts of Wadi Rum. While Jordan’s long and fascinating history provides travellers with a host of intriguing historical and biblical sites, the country is certainly not stuck in the past. With its slew of modern luxury hotels, trendy restaurants and lively bars, the city serves as a great base to explore the many ancient sites. For a captivating destination full of natural, historical and cultural wonders, look no further than the enchanting nation of Jordan.

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Jordan not only has archaeological ruins such as the...