Vang Vieng

The small town of Vang Vieng is located 150 kilometers north of the Vientiane Capital. This is a place of a dreamlike landscape of limestone mountain peaks and scenic cliffs with the Nam Song (Song River) bisecting the town. At the base of the town’s limestone mountains are a network of caves and there are a variety of well-developed tourist services in Vang Vieng and a wide range of accommodations. There is adventure to be found with water sports such as kayaking, tubing and rock climbing as well as an offer of some peaceful places like the 16th and 17th century monasteries and the small Hmong villages.

Just off route 13 north are two of Vientiane Province’s well known attractions: a small man-made reservoir known as Nong Nok near Ban Sivilay which is a great bird watching site; and the ancient Vang Xang Buddha images and sculptures that are stunningly carved into the side of a sandstone escarpment.

Vang Vieng on map

Experiences in Vang Vieng